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What to do?Camprodon

Camprodon is located in the middle of mountains in the Girona Pyrenees in the Ripollès region. Its appeal has established itself as a point of reference in nature, culture and tourism.

Hermitage of Remei

1 hour

Just leaving the Campsite, we will turn left passing through the
next to the swimming pool and the sports courts, we will follow the path that goes up until we reach a break on the left (sand path), indicated as ERMITA DEL REMEI. You cannot access the inside of the Ermita, but the surroundings are very beautiful and you will often find cows grazing there.

Return: 1 hour walking. You can go there with children without a problem.

Sant Pau de Seguries

2 hours

Leaving the Campsite on the left hand side passing by the swimming pool and the sports courts, we will follow the path straight for 3 km until we reach the road. We have to go 200m by road until we reach the town of Sant Pau de Seguries.

The road to reach Sant Pau is in very good condition, in the summer there is shade and it is a very pleasant walk.

Round trip: 2 hours.

Circular excursion
El Remei – Sant Antoni

10-11 km

Leaving the Campsite, take the path towards Sant Pau de Seguries, passing by the swimming pool and the sports area.

We will go through point 1, and follow the directions for “El Remei”, on the left.

Once you arrive at the Ermita del Remei, you will see that right below the Hermitage, there is a cow pass. This access is the way to go to the Ermita de Sant Antoni.

From this point, you must follow the landmarks of the GR (yellow and white) and follow the path that climbs the mountain. Halfway, there is a cross, follow this trail.

Once you reach the Collet d’en Sivilla (point 3), head to the left as indicated by the sign for Sant Antoni.

At point 4, you will find the track that goes up from Camprodon, Sant Antoni is right in front of you.

Once in Sant Antoni, you have two possible descents: a fairly vertical path (access just behind the antennas) or the gentler path, which leaves below the Hermitage in the direction of Camprodon.

Regardless of the way you choose to go down, you will end up in the village of Camprodon, to return to the Camping you just need to head towards the Parc de la Mare de la Font and then towards the petrol station. At the height of the gas station, there is a path parallel to the road that takes you back to the Campsite.

Camprodon return

2.5 km 35 min one way

Leaving the Campsite, we take the neighborhood path that passes next to the games room in the direction of Camprodon (leaving the Campsite on the right).

We will take the road and continue straight until we reach the Repsol gas station. From here we will have to walk along the side of the road for 150 meters until we reach the entrance to the village.

Excursion to La Ral
You have to cross the river

3 km round trip

Leaving the Campsite, take the path towards Sant Pau de Seguries, passing by the swimming pool and the sports area. We will follow the path until we reach a descent, on the right hand side, you will find an access to the river. You have to cross the river, and take a path that goes out on the left.

You will arrive at the village of La Ral. You have to go back the same way.

A very nice and fun trekking to do with the family during the hottest months.

Sant Miquel de Cavallera

2.9 km 45 min one way

We will leave the Campsite via the entrance bridge and head towards Camprodon along the C-38 road until we reach Colònia Estabanell (400m).

We will go up until we reach Sant Miquel de Cavallera. The views are spectacular.

Be careful if you go there in the hottest months, as there is not too much shade.

Excursion to the river

200 m

From the campsite you can reach the river Ter in 3 minutes. Follow the car park and at the end of the car park, you will find the descent to the river.

Collect mushrooms

From the Campsite and throughout the Ripollès region
you can find mushrooms such as rovellons, camagrocs.
ceps, camasecs, etc.

You don’t have to go too far from the Campsite to find them.

Remember to respect the forest and not leave any litter.
Respect livestock and the environment.