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What to do?Nature pools


The Malatosca pool is located in the town of Sant Joan de les Abadesses.


The 7 gorgs are located on a circular route of 10km, suitable for all ages as it is not a particularly challenging route.


The pool is fantastic to visit in the spring or summer season. Per Beget hi passa la riera de Salarsa, on s’hi troben diferents gorgs.

Ulldeter Refuge Route –
Source of the Ter River

25 km

To start the route, head towards the town of Setcases and continue towards the Vallter 2000 ski resort.


20 km

The village of Beget is located in a valley in the Garrotxa region. Old stone houses with wooden balconies cascading over the river, crossed by two old and well-preserved bridges.

La Garrotxa

35 km

The Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa is the most important volcanic landscape in the Peninsula and one of the most remarkable in Europe.


22 km

The town of Ripoll is recognized as the Cradle of Catalonia for its cultural and historical significance.

St Joan de les Abadeses

12 km

The town of St. Joan de les Abadesses is located on the banks of the Ter River in the Ripollès region.

Serra Cavallera

25 km

The landscapes of Serra Cavallera are some of the most beautiful in the area. You can also visit the small town of Ogassa, of mining origin (the coal mines closed in the 1950s), and the hermitages of Sant Martí d’Ogassa and Sant Martí de Surroca.

Serra Cavallera is presided over by the highest peak in the valley, the Taga (2035m).

La Roca – Abella

25 km

The village of La Roca is situated on a majestic rock next to the Ter River, surrounded by lush vegetation and mountains reaching up to 2000 meters.

Following the path from Pardines towards Collada Verda, we come across the small urban nucleus of l’Abella with its stone houses and views of the valley.