Environmentally Friendly Environmental Policy

At the campsite, we are committed to developing our tourism activity with the utmost respect and protecting the environment that surrounds us.

We continuously improve to be as sustainable as possible.

Charging point for Electric Cars

The campsite is committed to sustainability, and we have infrastructure for clean energy mobility.

An ultra-fast charging point, JuicePump, with up to 150 kW, and a second semi-fast charging point, JuicePole, with up to 22 kW, are available.

Geothermal Energy

The campsite has been using this energy since 2006 to produce hot water in the main sanitary block. (ACS)

It consists of 4 wells located 100 meters deep, which serve to harness the constant temperature of the subsurface. Thanks to this constant temperature of the earth, we get 4.5 KW for every KW of energy consumed, both in winter and summer.

It’s a way to harness the temperature of the subsurface to produce energy cleanly and sustainably.

Solar Thermal Energy

All the buildings of the campsite, as well as the bungalows…
are powered by high solar thermal energy.
efficiency. This system consists of harnessing
the energy of the sun to produce heat. This heat is
transmitted through a domotized system to the
heating and hot water system.

Thanks to solar thermal energy, we support
conventional heating system (gas boiler
with condensation), through tanks that store
the already heated water. The savings through these types
of energy consist of between 20-40% of the demand
energy demand of heating.

Waste Utilization
organic waste

In the campsite’s restaurant, we recycle organic leftovers in good condition (lettuce leaves, carrot, tomato, bread…).

Serve as food for some of the farm animals (horses, sheep, goats, geese, ducks, and rabbits)

It’s a way to feed the animals with products that would have ended up in the trash, thus offering a varied and balanced diet to the animals and avoiding food waste as much as possible.


The old boilers have been replaced with new, more efficient ones for the kitchen, bar, and restaurant of the campsite, as well as the replacement of 3 electric ovens with 3 gas ones.

Solar Panels

The central building of the campsite is partially powered
by the electricity produced with the energy
of the sun through photovoltaic solar panels. The panels produce up to 20
kW of electrical energy.

Rainwater Harvesting

We have a tank with a capacity of
10,000 liters that is responsible for storing the water
from the rain, for later use in
recycling system

Laundry room

Installation of a new industrial laundry with an ultra-efficient washer and dryer with a capacity of up to 32kg of laundry. They operate with gas and given their capacity, allow us to save 50% of energy and water, and chemical products.

Selective Collection

The campsite provides recycling bins for its clients. We also have spaces to deposit batteries, light bulbs, oil…

Emissions Offset

The campsite has a terrain of over 8 hectares, with more than 1000 trees and 500 shrubs of different species that create biodiversity and offset the CO2 emissions we may emit.