Camprodon is situated in the centre of Girona’s Pyrenees in the Ripolles region. It is a significant place for tourists who like nature, culture and leisure activities.

The village of Camprodon is characterized by its bridge from the XII century and the Roman style monastery of Sant Pere from the X century.

The river Ter flows through Camprodon. From its source in Ulldeter the river Ter makes its way through el Ripolles.

Natural Heritage

The territory of la Vall de Camprodon provides us with nature´s values. From the highest mountains to the deepest valleys you can enjoy the landscape and natural.

Historic, architectural and cultural heritage

The historic, architectural and cultural values are visible in the whole territory of the Vall de Camprodon. There are chapels, oratories, sanctuaries, churches, civil buildings, art, shepherd’s huts, stone enclosures and archaeological sites.

Organic food and gastronomic heritage

There exists a strong tradition of agriculture and stock breeding in the Vall de Camprodon. The agriculture sector, with a large variety of good quality products, has always been important, both on economic and touristic level.